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  • Who to contact for various issues?

    All members are asked to please utilize available information before messaging staff. 99% of the time something already posted is a swift solution to your problem! 😉


    Please checkout the following pages, the information you seek may already be posted:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Community Guide

    Code of Conduct

    Help Forum

    What do you need help with?
    I need help recovering my account
    I'm interested in applying for roles
    Need to report content
    Need to report a scam
    Need to report technical issues with the website
    Having issues with my payment

    DMCA Complaints

    -We WILL NOT respond to just "what's up..." Please just state your issue and attach supporting material such as screenshots so we can expeditiously resolve it. We don't have time to have a 10 minute baby conversation with you. We only check our inbox once a day and if your request is not complete, we will just move on to the next message.
    -Do not message staff asking for help with Marketplace purchases. That's between you and the seller.
    -Do not ask for help with cracking tools or techniques. Search the forum, or even better... Google!
    -If you don't act civil, such as blabbering swear words to staff, you will be blocked from all future contact.

    I need help recovering my account:


    Please read our official Account Recovery Guide


    I'm interested in applying for roles:


    Thank you for your interest, you can apply here! 😃


    Need to report content:


    Use the Report tool as shown:


    Need to report a scam:


    Post in Scam Reports. Please read the rules before posting!


    Need to report technical issues with the website:


    Please direct all such inquiries to @DaDev

    If you're having issues getting past the CloudFlare loading screen. Make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled in your web browser. If you're using a VPN, try changing your IP address. Make sure any browser extensions such as an ad blockers and user-agent spoofers are disabled.

    We're not your typical corporate customer support line! We can't help you unless you help us too.

    DO NOT message me something mediocre like "xyz is not working!". I will have no idea what you're talking about unless you show me ALL of the following:

    -A step-by-step description of what you did that led to that error so we can recreate it.
    -Copy and paste your browser's url of the page where the error occurred. COPY AND PASTE the exact text! You think i want to hand-type that longass url in screenshots?




    Having issues with my payment:



    If that does not solve your issue, please contact a @Founder

    Please include supporting material such as:
    -Emails from our website (CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER)
    -Blockchain transaction id
    -Screenshots of your wallet service showing you sent the payment.
    -What coin you used to pay, how much you sent, address you sent it to, etc...

    If you don't include supporting material, we can't help you.


    WARNING: DO NOT waste your time attempting to socially engineer staff. If you FALSELY claim you made a purchase, you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. We're not stupid, we will catch you. We get these everyday. We have records of ALL purchases on our backend!


    DMCA Complaints:

    Do not even bother reaching out to us. We DO NOT host anyone(s) legal content. In the case of a third party link or similar, NOT OUR PROBLEM! We can link to whoever we want just like Google can.

    Take your complaint elsewhere. We suggest you go to the source!

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