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  1. To be honest I don't think anyone is DMCA bulletproof barring few like flokinet.
  2. To be honest I dunno if anyone is posting these types of content on Usenet its mostly is TV,movies and pr0n so I don't think he will have much success on Usenet.
  3. thanks a lot dude I just fuckin deleted my copy
  4. Posts: 500 posts Propz: 150+ Days registered: 90 Days
  5. Shame them here with proof.
  6. Lets see if it cracks newsgroups.
  7. I give my approval he used to toss a ton of accounts and sorry for your loss I know how it feels.
  8. This I have seen a serious lack of motivation among members filling request as compared to the past, in the past NTG had the best request filling rate but nowadays as Khan pointed out most of the requests are being closed without even being filled.
  9. I don't care what anyone use though I like to give my opinion.
  10. MD5 1ff25b6b8a7c409750b7d016cc5559f7:m4yl3c

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