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  1. Guys this config won't work anymore as the login page is https enabled and as you'll know vertex doesn't support https guess an updated sentry/hitman config should be posted
  2. 1. From when he's a part of this site ( min. 8 months to 1 yr should be good to go with, without any complains ofc ) 2. His participation on the site (valuable posts, accounts, configs, help etc... to be taken into consideration) 3. The propz ( ranging between 150-250 ) 4. Behavior and ethics ( Most important )
  3. Thanks for the config @car00t Hope it still works +PropZ added
  4. I wish @darklol all the best for his selling thread And i vouch his RDPs as well
  5. Thanks for sharing @withstand Much needed
  6. I agree with @kaalki Its high time we need to update ourselves by bringing in new things. These days filehosts are upgrading their login securities (thanks to those who aren't able to utilize the configs in a correct manner despite of all the instructions provided by the config makers. In short its real disrespect towards the config mastas who work hard in making configs). So including what our people are sharing right now (filehosts, debrid, porn, subscription based sites, gaming sites) we should develop our interest in usenet and torrent sites as well Forgot to
  7. Sad to see you retiring bruh... But hoping to see you around on here
  8. He was already a part of the gay club @Nazgul Congrats @xxxWIZARDxxx
  9. Congrats @cyber_junkie and keep up the good work
  10. Nice one @DrMouse Would try my luck here I choose no. 412
  11. Congrats @w00f and @masta666 Keep up the good work
  12. Congrats @withstand buddy on your success You're one of them because of which NTG stands firm enough currently...

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