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  • Welcome to our new facelifted forum. NeThinGoez is now officially known as Cracking365!

    This guide will walk you through the steps to recovering your forum account if you were registered on nethingoez.com prior to 5/21/2021. Please keep in mind that Cracking365 was developed using a fork of NTG's database from 5/21. This means that if you registered a new account after 5/21, you may need to create a new account. No forum data that occurred after 5/21 was migrated to Cracking365. Forum data includes topics, posts, privates messages, polls, etc...

    If you were a legacy NTG member prior to 5/21, then please proceed with the following steps to restoring access to your account. All passwords have been nullified for security reasons and will need to be changed. We have outlined common problems members have faced while recovering their accounts.

    All previously banned NTG members have been pardoned. With, of course, the exception of Julian.

    Step 1: On the login form, click "Forgot your password?"


    Step 2: Enter the email address that was registered with your account on nethingoez.com. Just like you're responsible for the keeping the keys to your car, you're responsible for keeping access to the email address registered to your account. If you no longer have access to your associated email account, you may not be able to recover your legacy forum account. The only exception is messaging staff on Discord with proof that you're in-fact the original owner and not leeching!


    Step 3: Wait to receive the recovery email. Please wait at least 1 hour if you don't receive the email immediately. Some email providers process incoming mail differently than others. Especially .edu email providers. Some private organizations such as universities and employers may even block emails from shady sites like us entirely. We're not responsible if your email provider ghosts us. Also... CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!!!


    Step 4: Once you have set your new password, you may be prompted with this screen after logging in. For some unknown reason our forum software has enabled 2FA on all legacy accounts. To proceed with disabling 2FA, click "or verify using another method".


    Step 5: Click "Get an email to recover access. Just like you received an email to reset your password, you will receive an email to bypass 2FA. Follow the instructions!


    Step 6: Once you have successfully bypassed 2FA and logged in, you can disable 2FA by navigating to "Account Settings".


    Step 7: Navigate to "Security and Privacy" and enter your new password.


    Step 8: Select "Disable this method" and 2FA will be disabled. For added security, we recommend using 2FA. Simply re-enable it and follow the prompt.


    Welcome back! To make logging-in easier, we recommend linking your Discord account in Account Settings. We also recommend using a password manager such as BitWarden.

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