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    On behalf of the team, we wish to thank everyone, members and staff, for your amazing contributions over the 13 years we were NTG!

    We wish to pay tribute to NeThinGoez. We used to say "NTG NEVER DIES" and it sure hasn't. It was merely reborn as Cracking365.com.



    NTG was founded back in the warez days thanks to Buddah. When he coded the Vertex cracker, NTG made a major u-turn and drove into the cracking scene.

    NTG was a hit community between 2011 and 2016, but due to poor, greedy, and sociopath-like management by the former dicktator known as Julian, the house started to crumble. First as a crack in the wall and to the end, it got very messy. He mistreated members and staff in many unfathomable ways over the years. He selfishly drove away many good people. The only one who had the will to stop the complete deterioration of this community was Bonez, backed by our loyal members.

    On April 13th, 2021, Bonez finally did what needed to be done for the future of this community. Bonez went to the vet and put the greedy rabies dog down once and for all. And he was put down with a major exclamation mark, to many people's sigh of relief. Lord Voldemort was finally defeated!

    After casting out the evil once and for all, the work began. In 2 short months, C365 became what NTG never had the chance to be in 13 years. To everybody who faithfully stuck around, we owe it to you.

    @DaDev    (aka Chris) YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!!


    The purpose of this community is to nourish the cracking movement. We are the world leader of exploiters and pentesters.

    All funds collected from donations and subscriptions will NEVER fall into the hands of a greedy dicktator. They will ONLY be used to support and further develop Cracking365.com into LITERALLY the best cracking community in the Universe.

    We will claim our rightful place. We know it's our destiny!


    Everyone from our earliest members to you new folks stopping by everyday. To all supporters, staff, everyone, you are Kind, Caring & just plain awesome! Thank you!

    Each and every one of you are greatly appreciated. I don't get emotional very often, but i appreciate you ALL AF! You truly are the best!



    The chapter has now been turned. Our troubled past will fade away. We may stumble along the way, but we will never die! No enemy can kill Cracking365.com!

    We will ALWAYS come back bigger, badder, and STRONGER than ever!


    Now get out there and start cracking!





Copyright © 2021, Cracking365.com
Of the community, by the community, for the community, shall not perish from the web.

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